Q: Need a Car? … Used vs New

A: Think of it; when you purchase a used car, you are saving a lot of money. You buy a new car just for the sake of its fresh looks and façade. As soon as you drive off the car garage, your brand new ride is worth $1000 to $2000 less. And it will depreciate at a very high rate in the coming years, reaching 60% of its original price within 3 years of its purchase.
Another plus of buying a used car is that you may get all the accessories included with the vehicle that you would have to buy yourself in the first place.
Buying a used car on the other hand is not simpler; there is no guarantee that the car works the same way it looks. Whether it has been doing regular visits to mechanic or has chronic transmission/ engine problems that do not show up in the first test drive that you take.

Q: What is Real Value for your Money

A: Don’t go out looking for cheapest car on the block. They are not selling it cheap because they do not know the best price or the dealer simply wants to clear his stock. If they are selling it cheap, surely there must be something wrong with it.
When considering used cars, the “best deal” doesn’t have to be the cheapest one. Your goal should be to look for a car that is proper shape and condition for reasonable price. If you are considering between a relatively cheap car that could have been in an accident or looks like never been to a mechanic for checkup and oil change etc. and a relatively expensive one that is in excellent condition; you should go for the later. You will simply save much more on repairs and have fewer headaches/troubles afterwards without a doubt.