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What does a vehicle history report contain?

A Vehicle History Report is a complete analysis of the car/vehicle; it contains the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) transactions, odometer reading and detail about the vehicle’s model and the manufacturer. It also contains the VIN search results from around the world with complete vehicle history.

Why should I get a vehicle history report?

A vehicle history report shows two aspects of a vehicle’s life span.

  1. It lists the DMV records of a vehicle so you can check that the seller is really the owner, if it has had insurance loss, odometer rollback, and flood or fire damage.
  2. Vehicle history report can list hidden facts about the vehicle that you wish to be checked; like the vehicle having persistent mechanical problems in this particular model. Or if this model had been called back by the manufacturer due to assembly or manufacturing problems.

Often the seller is unaware of these issues. And sometimes he could be unwilling to reveal them for fear of losing the deal with you.

The Vehicle History Report gives you this peace of mind when making the decision of purchasing a used car. You will find out immediately if it is clean or a lemon which you should avoid spending money on.

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When buying a used car, you have the right to look up a history of all known events associated with the car’s vehicle identification number (or “VIN“). Ordering a vehicle history report for a given VIN Check can help you

  1. Avoid getting scammed: confirming ownership, mileage, and service history.
  2. Discover hidden problems: alerting you of accidents, flooding, and lemons.
  3. Estimate the car’s value: revealing rental/fleet usages and time on a dealer’s lot. is here to help with the process of finding and understanding a vehicle history report. Get started by: